Artemis Fontana / Format Mondial

4TH EXISTENCE, Zurich - CACBM, Paris - EXTRAMENTALE, Arles - HAMLET, Zurich - HIT, Geneva - LATVIAN INSTITUTE ROME, Berlin - MARIO KREUZBERG, Berlin - MUM SOCIAL CLUB, Athens - PAPI vs LAGOS, Mexico City - SANS TITRE (2016), Paris - STUDIOLI, Rome.
07.12 at Artemis Fontana - 1, passage de l'Asile 75011 Paris.

Format Mondial is a group show where different project spaces around the world show a poster to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Artemis Fontana, a project space in Paris run by amazing artist Pauline Beaudemont. We are presenting "The Hellen Keller Memorial Poster" the first publication by Lacrosse, a publisher which focuses on single page poetry works and fake Lacoste products.

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Opening start at 5pm until 9pm
1, passage de l'Asile 75011 Paris.

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