Being a better Person- Is all about the Self

"Being a better person (and possibly helping others) - All about the Self" by Charles Benjamin and Pablo Fernandez.

17th of September - 10th October 2016

As a christian mission, Charles Benjamin moved to GMK with the aim of becoming a better person. The Swedish artist had 3 weeks too achieve this through doing systematical actions every day (which are filmed by him). He created 6 different stations, Sleep, Work, Wash, Pray and Document inside the gallery, using the exhibition space as part of his methodical process, separating this from an art residency. Each of this stations are symbolized by paintings, which he defines as "boring in a really great way" an echo of his process driven by his love for God. We could described his aesthetics as Wabi-sabi, a type of beauty that is imperfect and incomplete that drowns between two worlds, the material and ethereal. Pray and Wash, Sleep and Work - he synchronised and record his daily rituals which are shown in his YouTube channel. Eternal hours where mistakes are beside the point. Benjamin aim to produce 8hr per week of content for his channel, inspired by “Sábado Gigante” (Big Saturday) a famous 8 hr long show created by the chilean TV host Mario Kreutzberger, who started this tv program (which lasted 50 years) with the beginning of Augusto Pinochet dictatorship. It became the most popular show ever, an anaesthesia for the public.

But life is a killer, Colombian artist Pablo Fernandez will skew the final result of devote Charles. Following the principle of showing respect only to complete individuality, Fernandez's installation avails itself of the available space and absorbs anything from which it would benefit. Using metal and clay bullets, he creates machinery within which these cold materials interact in a systematic and never ending way, worth for it’s own gain.

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Pablo Fernandez

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