Carta a los Corazones Indómitos

Barbara Richter - Josefina Dagorret- Cetus Chin-Yun, Kuo and Li Chi Hsiao and GMK installation

Friday 09 of August 2019 at Monopol Berlin

Finally an update featuring the pics that tell the tale:
I won't show all pics in the order I took them but some just have to be shown first :) CLICK TO ENLARGE (the pics are quite decent considering it's a phonecam)
A pic of our camp: (others spraypainted 'fuck locals' at night)

Our camp (pic)

It is difficult to begin to write when I know that I have so much to communicate and even more to keep quiet; silence has become a great companion, and not in vain, since my enemies want me to communicate, to explain myself with my ideas, to justify my illegal action, they want that trophy of war, a youth with many wounds, imprisoned for not having tricked himself with the comfort of a revolution framed within political correctness.

Flag (pic)

Our flag features a giant pig with an arrow towards his mouth and an arrow out of his but. The word 'suppertime' somewhat describes all of the junkfood we bring along (like chocolat, chips, chocolat, corn bars oh..and more chocolat)

So, you want to know about me? Well, I will fight in order to live, and live in order to fight until being free and wild, I do not trick myself in thinking that I am less wild if I breathe artificially or not, because I believe that it is in situations like that when the most wild human instinct blossoms–the instinct of survival.

A festival isn't only about the music it's about camping..and stereotypical bad weather...
Somehow lots of rain seemt to accompany almost all of the festivals I've been to. Roskilde 2007 was no different. With around 100mm of rain in 4 days it was BAD (considering we don't have monsoon in Europe)! Oh and the wind blew away partytents and normal tents alike.

The grass still green:

Green (pic)

Although I am of the opinion that what does not kill you makes you stronger, also as they say around here, “we crazy ones are those who have the most beautiful dreams.”
...Nah it's not gonna rain even more..we wanted to deny it ;) Of course no pun intended to the victims of Katrina, just a reference I guess.

water (pic)

Just to get your head out of the mud, we did have a nice sundown one of the days before the festival really begun.

Sundown (pic)

I think that a rebel becomes a warrior when one is able to get back up stronger than one fell, who is able to see a reality even though one has everything to lose, a warrior does not necessarily have to know how to make a bomb or handle one, nor to have techniques of camouflage, these are things one learns by addition, warriors are dangerous for their ideas and principles because they see all the way to the final consequences, always firm, steadfast, because they do not betray themselves nor their comrades, because they are always aware, because they don’t let themselves be carried by fuck-ups or rumor, because if they have problems they confront them, if they feel pain they cry, and if they are happy they laugh; because they know to live out a full life, though it will not therefore be peaceful–those are the true warriors.

On the festival site artists sprayed graffiti, some highlights:

Graffiti1 (pic)

On your puny body...survive??!!'

The Hulk (pic)


Futurama (pic)

Rebel with a cause (pic)

I do not like to write without thinking what I want to convey and to be fully understood, to write something in my situation merits a profound reflection–is it worth it?

Now in this war there are many joyful occasions, but there are also moments of bitterness, because it is a war, not a juvenile phase, and to confront the system of domination utilizing these conclusions can carry disastrous consequences and we should know that beforehand. In the end there were big fireworks and if you looked over the crowd you could see thousands of lit-up screens from mobile phones taking pics :)

Sum-up off all of the bands/groups I saw:

Talib Kweli, Jean Grey, The Clipse, Timbuktu & Damn, Björk (awesome, look for reactable on youtube), arctic monkeys, red hot chilli peppers (minor disappointment: Anthony Kiedis was ill..he looked like a zombie on stage), Queens of the stoneage!, Machine Head, The Who, Basement Jaxx, Pelican (new to me, they rock!), arcade fire (also cool!), beastie boys, alpha blondy, hayseed dixie, Guilty Simpson (the only one from Stones Throw Records which actually gave a show, instead of just screaming random lines while showing old skool hiphop clips), Strike Anywhere (think Blink 182 but louder), Trost, Wilco (their drummer had some ADHD moments out of the blue while the rest kept playing softly). I can never forget the valiance of my Mexican comrades, the insubordinates who have made themselves my comrades in Greece, I wish to embrace the savages of Bolivia and the US, affectionately saluting the rebels of Spain and Italy, the libertarixs of Argentina–take heart!, not to mention the iconoclasts of Indonesia–strength, comrades! To the anonymous of the ALF and ELF in Russia and in the world. To the imprisoned comrades across the world.

One hell of a line of artists, one hell of a week!

I send all my care in these humble letters...



Willkommen - GMK Installation with Manuela Morales, Santiago Macauliffe, Bio Koton, Marton Dés, Charles Benjamin, Barbara Richter

20.30 hrs
Micro Mining, Tea ceremony by Cetus Chin-Yun, Kuo, Live sounds by Li Chi Hsiao

IGLU directed by Josefina Dagorret, perform by her together with Nicolás San Martín and Damián Ketterer.
Live music by Diego Noguera

GMK aims to move, transform and disappear.

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