Simón Lobos and Felix Meyer-Christian

18.3.2017 - 24.3.2017

“History does not repeat itself. But it rhymes.” Mark Twain

One of the most striking current, political phenomena in Europe and the United States is the growing facistization of right-wing populist parties within the mainstream and the growth of neo-fascist movements among the youth.

A protruding aspect in this process are the aesthetics applied that try to combine the formal body language from classical antiquity to the Nazi era with contemporary blogging-, fashion and post-internet culture. They are partially represented by extreme right groups such as the Identitäre Bewegung, Identity Evropa, Alt-Right, FreeGermany or Les Identitaires, who mingle with the outer-right-rims of political parties in Germany, the US, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, France and others.

Exactly six months before the federal elections in Germany, the Berlin based artists Simón Lobos Hinojosa (CL) and Felix Meyer-Christian (DE / COSTA COMPAGNIE) open their multi-facetted project FASCION as a critical observation towards the aesthetic strategies of a radically changing political landscape. FASCION charges the current politicized ambivalence of visuality, the brutality and (false) empowerment, erotism and its commercialized playfulness.

A street poster campaign in Kreuzberg will lead to a participatory protest-installation at the Kottbusser Tor and finally follow a procession into the GALLERY MARIO KREUZBERG, where a multi-media performance will take place.

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