Magnetic Fields: Invisible Realities

Stefan Endewardt

13.01.17 – 28.01.17

All is Text The show Invisible Realities by Stefan Endewardt plays with codification and invisibility, taking a silent inside-view of the social-urban fabric of Kottbusser Tor.

„When I think about Kottbusser Tor, where I have lived and worked for ten years, coming into my mind are endless visible and invisible layers of construction. An hypercomplex urban environment. All of them are connected as fragments on common ground.“

Invisible Realities is an artistic inventory in progress in visual thinking. Similar to the idea of a mind-map, Stefan Endewardt materializes perceived layers of circumstance in print-collage, video, acoustical diary notes and light-installations, directing them as crystallized perspectives into a sphere of negotiation.

The show Invisible Realities is part of a new ongoing cooperation between Gallery Mario Kreuzberg and Kotti-Shop, both located at Kottbuser Tor. For the Finissage on the 28th of January, there will also be the Vernissage Forms of Negotiation by SuperFuture in Kotti-Shop.

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