by Ana Hupe

01.04.17 - 27.04.17

This exhibition departs from the word “Malungas”, used by the African enslaved people from the diaspora, to call their companions who traveled in the same ship to the “New World”. Appropriated to entitle the exhibition, it refers to Latinamerican immigrants in Germany, as a provocation to reflect on the growing migration movements that hide secrets of a world in transformation.

Ana turns time and space in the videoinstallation “Women of the Fourth World”. She proposes new “Cartes de Visites”, inspired by the ones taken by German photographers like Albert Henschel, who migrated in the XIXth Century to Brazil. This pictures were taken with a 4 objective lenses camera in studios and where exchanged in letters by the elite. They were a strategy for social visibility.

After open call with street posters and in social media, 25 Latinamerican women were portraited by Hupe with a similar camera to the one used in the XIXth Century. Each women selected a paragraph that the artist chose from diary notes written by Georg Heinrich Langsdorff (DE) and Marina Graham (UK), who lived in Brazil between 1815 and 1824. They describe their perception of the social relations and the behavior of latinamerican women. One by one, they circulate around Kotti collectively, giving a sense of movement that reflect on the constant changes and the migratory flows of the area.

In the sound Installation “Lebenassistenz” the artist constructs poems printed in photograms and narrates in an interview, recorded on a tape-reel, her experience of working as an auxiliary assistant, exploring the abandonment of the body as metaphor of displacement from the earth and entering to a mind state that combines reality with literature and arts.

The second part of the exhibition will be held at MIS (Museum of Image and Sound, São Paulo, Brazil), where the LatinAmerican Immigrants in Berlin will dialogue with African women arrived at São Paulo after year 2000.

In the opening of the exhibition, 1st of April, also known as April’s Fool, a performance of real life will take place: the ceremony of the conventional marriage between curator Manuela Morales (Chile) and Martin Vallejos (Holland).

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