Me Gusta, pero me Asusta

Charles Benjamin and Octavio Garabello

25.08.18 - 10.09.18

curated by Manuela Morales and Santiago Mac-Auliffe

Some #hamparte others feismo, both are correct. These paintings have little respect and much less fear, using the healthy suspicion they cause in the viewer as a quality. With humor and a bit of irony they reflect on painting, it's possibilities, and impossibilities.

Garabello goes outside with big names, painting as if all the M's (Monet, Manet, Mattise...) were at a picnic in Hasenhaide Volkspark. Bright and light, his paintings show us Berlin today, at night, at day, at dawn, and all mixed together, cheerfully and honestly using his limitations as an advantage.

Charles Benjamin plays with your expectations. It's hard to tell if the paintings are closer to Rothko, VanGogh, or your little brother playing with crayons. Fusing cotidian and iconic elements of our collective memory, seemingly without effort, he anti-poetically brings joy through disillusion.

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