Si es Bayer, es Bueno

Edinson Quiñones Falla

14.7.16 – 3.8.16

A Kottbusser Tor made video/performance in collaboration with Johannes Förster.
Curated by Manuela Morales

Edinson Quiñones Falla speaks of what he knows best, his experience of living in Popayán in the Valley of Cauca, a rural zone located in the South East of Colombia.

In the mid 90s, the valley experienced significant population growth due to cocaine trafficking. With Pablo Escobar dying and the local Medellin and Cali Cartels fragmenting, the valley's original residents faced further displacement, brought about by the conflict between the guerrilla movement, the paramilitary groups and the cartels.

For this exhibition, Quiñones appropriates the symbol of the German pharmaceutical company Bayer, thus shedding light on Bayer's complicity in the Colombian cocaine trade and their recent negotiations with Monsanto, a control weapon in Colombia, even now after the peace accord.

The artist repeats for the 3rd time a performance where he hung banners with the information of prices of illegal drugs in Colombia at the square of KottbusserTor. Quiñones did this before at Arco Madrid, where he infiltrates as an artist the year that Colombia was invited as main country. He hung the banners in an empty hallway waiting for the president to arrive. Another time, he did this at the street of Popayán where he encounters with the police. Both videos are shown at the exhibition.

Quiñone's work is a testament to capitalism's transience. For him Art is synonymous of healing, makes visible what is invisible. Legal what is illegal.​

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