Violent Games

Edinson Quiñones Falla

28 July 2017

As per tradition we start this new year with Edinson Quiñones Falla directly from Popayán, Colombia. This second time he comes here to play, but the stakes are real. In "Violent Games" we follow his mission exposing the brutality with which governments operate. Denouncing the events related to the process of "Justice and Peace" and giving visibility to the new Postconflict agreements.

Using a traditional children's toy called Bolero, or "Coca" in Colombian vernacular, made out from a skull and a femur, he performs in front of institutions such as the Dahlem Ethnological Museum, which stole and destroyed archeological pieces from the Huila region by who later would be its director Konrad Theodor Preuss (pieces still housed in Berlin) expanding this to a bigger question; What is being stolen now? As part of this ongoing performance he goes to G20 to protest against the perpetual abuse of his land.

This exhibition happened in KottiShop. Thanks for the support to Julia Brunner and Stefan Endewardt.

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